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Cooking Alkaline helps to clean and purify the body, to neutralize excess acids and to balance pH levels.

We cooked each of theses wonderfully healthy recipes by ourselves, and compiled them in an EASY-TO-FOLLOW e-cookbook.

Alkaline Recipes Book

Alkaline Foods & Alkaline Ingredients help to…

• …Increase Your Energy and Vitality
• …Neutralize Acids and Toxins in the Blood
• …Strengthen Immune Functions and Organ Systems
• …Destroy Harmful Microorganisms
• …Balance Your Body pH

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 Many people look into the network to search for suitable recipes of various dishes. However, this approach has a drawback – not described in the recipes are many subtleties of behavior of products. Well, for example, you will need to fry onions. But the behavior of onion in hot oil can be very different, and the lack of experience or it can burn or just simmered. In various publications on this site we will try to explain these more subtle moments. Do not neglect reading the information which you slip. Good cooking is very easy, you just need a bit of experience and knowledge.
This site is not just a collection of recipes, but rather electronic directory helps cook. When viewing a recipe or reading an article, you can see the bottom of the closest on the material. We have tried to make use of this site is the most convenient.

Good luck with your culinary pursuits!

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